Thursday, December 6, 2012

See, God is Just Around

God uses many ways to show that He is there, He is not far away to comfort me...even in my past grieving process. It was so painful for a mother like me, to be in a temporary separation with my late baby girl. But finally, by and by, God gradually changed my heart. I finally could admit that she would be safer in God's hand. God is her father through eternity and His protection and love is so perfect.  

For me, God showed that He was there for me in my grieving through His written words, audio teaching, articles. God did not let me go as I decided to seek only for God to fulfill my empty heart. I had only this simple thought: my baby girl's breath of life belongs to Him, therefore God is the only place I should turn to in order to find consolation for my grieving spirit.

Words of comfort come from:
Job 1:21
Good News Translation (GNT)
21 He said, “I was born with nothing, and I will die with nothing. The Lord gave, and now he has taken away. May his name be praised!”
This was so special for me when I found this piece of paper in an old box when I tried to sort junk paper. It occured a few weeks after my baby girl's homecoming.

I received this piece of paper as an insert to Christian booklet in 2004. I did not put any attention to its content. But seven years later, it helped me so much in my grieving process. The article spoke to my heart without judging me of still being wrecked by grieving.

Later, in the next posts, I will share to you the content of the paper per sub-topic. But now, I just can not stop being in awe of how Lord Jesus keep trying to reach me to trust Him even more. I believe wholeheartedly that Jesus knows very well the meaning of grieving for Jesus has been there too.

Sing this song along as we believe that God is trustworthy, God is ruling over our situation. This song is titled "Lord I believe", sung Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

Though I can't see Your Holy Face 
And Your throne in Heaven above 
It seems so far away 

Though I can't touch 
Can't touch your nail scarred hands 
I have a deep unspeakable joy 
That makes my faith to stand 

Lord, I believe in You 
I always believe in You 
Though I can't see You with my eyes 
Deep in my heart, Your presence I find 

Lord, I believe in you 
And I'll keep my trust in You 
Let this whole world say what they may 
No one can take this joy away Lord, I believe 

Ruler of the earth, walk with me 
Calmer of the storm, walk with me 
Healer of my heart, walk with me

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